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I. Love. Producing. 

Ever since I can remember I had a knack for organizing, coming up with all sorts of ideas on how to make things happen, enjoying the process of bringing the right people together with the same goal - get the job done on time and let's share a few laughs along the way, always keeping a cool head, always making sure the people around me feel they're in good hands.  If there is a problem, I am 100% sure there is a solution for it...I'll find it.   

I am an efficient and tactful multimedia producer, writer and director.  I am strategic and creative and I also love putting budgets together and taking care of some of the less pleasant tasks during pre, production and post.  I take pride in my hiring practices and the fact that my sets have always been a representation of this fascinating and multifaceted world we live in.  I have built great relationships in the industry and have worked with top names and some pretty awesome people.  I am blessed to call all of them dear collaborators and some of them dear friends. 

Creating an environment where cast and crew, clients and financiers feel safe and can enjoy the process is one of my top priorities and fills me with joy because it makes a huge difference.  Working in our industry means long hours back to back. It can be quite stressful and take a toll on someone.  I have been on sets where everything and everyone is affected by that one stressed, rude, entitled person.  There's no need for that and it's never really justified.  When you leave my set to go home, I make sure you will have some fun stories to share with your loved ones and probably start planning a trip to Greece.  I am a Greek woman in New York after all and am always pitching dream vacations to Greece to my co-workers! 

I love producing commercial work and social media content.  Clients include: HSBC, Citizens Bank, Jameson Whiskey, William Hill Wines, MODELO Chelada, Frank's Hot Sauce, SmartWater, Saratoga, Origins, Poland Spring, Blue Triton and more. 

I always welcome the opportunity to board a project and play my part in supporting someone else's vision come to light.  I started as an indie film director and writer and had to produce my own work while building a name for myself.  I very much enjoy working with filmmakers who need someone who understands the business side of things as much as the creative.  

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, if you're an agency or brand looking for a producer, feel free to reach out using the Contact form on this site.  Let's talk!

Keep creating and cherishing every moment - it all goes by pretty fast. 

Keep telling the stories that are important to you - make sure you're having fun along the way.

Keep making your mark in the world - do your best to leave it a little better. 

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                    STAVROULA TOSKA.  writer.  director.  PRODUCER.

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